Hanuman Jayanti

   Hanuman Jayanti In Hindu mythology, Shri Hanuman is regarded as the God of power, strength and knowledge. He is known as the ‘param bhakt’ of lord Rama and is the incarnation of Lord Shiva. He was born to Kesari and Anjani on the Chaitra Shukla Purnima (Chaitra Shukla Purnima is the Full Moon Day on the Hindu Calendar Month of Chaitra) that is why, he is known as ‘KESERI NANDAN’ and ‘ANJANEYA’. The philosophy of epic Ramayana is incomplete without the understanding of the unfathomable devotion of Lord Hanuman for Shri Rama. As Hindu Mythology says, He wasthe incarnation of Lord Shiva the God of Destruction, the Third god of Hindu trinity (All this universe is in the glory of God, of Shiva, the God of Love. The heads and faces of men are His own and He is in the hearts of all - Yajur Veda).

       Lord Hanuman is regarded to be the son of Hindu deity ‘VAYU’ (the wind). He was taken by 'Vayu' to Lord Sun to gain Vedic, shastra's and moral knowledge. He gained his whole knowledge from Lord Sun, as he was considered as omniscient on the planet earth.

   As per the mythology, Hanuman ji is invincible and blessed to be immortal. The supremacy possessed by him is very beautifully described in Ramayana, during the Ramayana war of Lord Rama against the mighty Ravana. The Sundara Kanda, the fifth book in the Ramayana, focuses mainly on the adventures of Hanuman.

    This holy day starts with rituals mainly performed in Hanuman Temples all over India. As people visit temples to perform rituals and there they attend bhajans, satsangas and read out aloud ‘Hanuman Chalisa’. They also spend the entire day reciting certain ‘Japa’ of RAM-NAM, SRI HANUMAN.

   Hanuman's birth is an auspicious day for the entire Hindu community as they mark their gratitude for Lord Hanuman and regard him as the god of strength and numerous people along with their families visit temples to mark homage to Lord Hanuman on this very festival.

   The celebrations are held at the world famous Salasar Temple which is situated at the Salasar town in Churu District of Rajasthan which is 55 kms from Sikar town where lakhs of devotees come from all over to offer their prayers to LordHanuman . A similar festival is also celebrated at the Mehndipur Temple which is situated near the Jaipur - Agra Highway at about 110 kms from Jaipur.

   A specially prepared Bhoga or Prasad which is known as Churma is offered to Lord Hanuman on this day. At many places special made chariots are taken out in procession by Bhajans chanting groups.


Hanuman Jayanti 2010: Hanuman Jayanti will be celebrated on March 30, 2010 (Tuesday).