Mauni Amavas or Mauna Amavasya, is the no moon day in the Magha month (January – February) as per the traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India. It is also an important bathing date at during the annual Magh Mela and Magha Snan and Kumbh Mela.

          It is derived from the word Muni, literally means an ascetic who practices silence. Mauni Amavasya is believed to be the day of conjunction of the sun and the moon. Fasting is observed on this day. The devotees do not talk to each other during the observance. It is considered highly meritorious to bath in Triveni Sangam on this day. Mauni Amavasya is of special significance when it falls on a Monday. In 2010, the date of Mauni Amavasi is on January 15. There is also a Surya Grahan (Solar Eclipse) on January 15, 2010 during Mauni Amavasya.

  Triveni Sangam
                      The most sacred spot in Allahabad, Triveni Sangam is the confluence of three holy rivers: Ganga (Ganges), Yamuna and Saraswati. According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that a dip in this confluence makes one free from all the sins. A major draw is Magha Mela (festival), which falls during January-February. On this occasion, a large number of devotees come here for a holy dip. It is also considered sacred to bathe here during Kumbh Mela, a festival celebrated once in every 12 years.

On Mauni Amavasi day, large number of Hindu devotees join Kalpavasis at Sangam in Prayag (Allahabad) and meditate the whole day. Mauni Amavasi is a day of spiritual sadhana – a day to make an attempt to getting into the habit of calming the restless mind.

  Kalpavasis With Naga Sadhus returning to their respective ashrams, the media has lost interest in Kumbh Mela. But thousands of people are still visiting the Sangam and then there are thousands of Kalpavasis – who reside for the entire period of Kumbh Mela at the Sangam. A Kalpavasi takes dip at the Sangam on all the days. A Kalp is the total years in the four yugas - Satyug, Treta, Dwapar and Kalyug. This adds up to several millions of years. When a devotee performs Kalpavas, he/she overcomes the sins in earlier birth and escapes from the numerous rebirths. The Kalpavasis arrive each year during the Magh month and spend the entire month in prayer at the Sangam. There are Kalpavasis who only take part during Kumbh Melas. They stay in makeshift houses or tents at the Sangam. Some avoid even the luxury of a cover over their head. Kalpavasi takes dip at the Ganges on sunrise and most of them take only a meal a day. A Kalpavasi performs Shayya Daan after completing 12 Kalpavas. Shayya Daan means ‘donating your bed.’ A person performing Shayya Daan donates all his belongings. Some believe it is like performing the last rites even though the person is alive.

Mauni Amavasya 2010: Mauni Amavasya will be celebrated on January 15, 2010 (Friday).

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